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Hiking Trail to Adam's Peak

Nallathanni route is the most popular trail to the summit of Sri Pada or Adam’s peak which begins from Nallathanni. This trail is the shortest amongst the conventional trails leading to Sripada, and it's just 30 minutes away from Clovefield Villa Laxapana. Adams' Peak is the little wonder that English author John Stills, in his book Jungle Tide, described the peak as ‘one of the vastest and most reverenced cathedrals of the human race’.


Conquer the Rapids of Kitulgala:

White Water Rafting Edge in Kithulgala is just 20 minutes away from Clovefield Villa. If you love to Navigate a raft around the white waters of fast flowing Kelani River at Kitulgala on a raft, with full safety gears along with a well trained and experience raft guide, Clovefield Villa can arrange a rafting tour for you to conquer the rapids of Kithulgala at a nominal fee, through our associate partner.

Rain Forest Trekking in Sri Lanka

If you are a nature fanatic, who wants to explore more nature, we can organise a rain forest trekking for you in the Kithulgala Forest Reserve. It's Just 25 mins away from the Clovefield Villa, and you can take a boat ride to cross the Kelani river which is 60 meter wide and start your trekking expedition from there. You will be able to witness some of the untouched waterfalls, streams, sceneries and also you can take a river bath while doing some water based activities.

Canyoning Experience in Kitulgala

(Confidence Jumps and Natural Water Stream Slides) During the rain forest trekking, you can trek to natural rock pools and waterfalls of "Kataran Oya" you will be able to witness 7 natural water pools which are breathtaking and a awesome creation of nature where you will be able to experience several water based activities.



Sliding down an inclined 05 meter water fall with safety gear, in to the rock pool. A confidence jump with safety gears to beautiful natural rock pool
Swimming, and bathing in the cool and clean unpolluted waters of the rain forest. Bird Watching and Exploring Flora and Fuana.



On your way back, if you wish to cross the river through a hanging bridge, we can take you through the village as well. If you are lucky, you may be able to grab some top quality Trickle and Treacle from the villages.

Bird Watching Tours Sri Lanka

Laxapana and Kithulgala area is considered as a key location for Bird Lovers, as you will find more types of endemic bird species within a small square area. Therefore the Birds density is very high in the region so it's basically a paradise for birds as well as for bird lovers. You will often find Bird Species such as Sri Lankan Orange billed babbler and chest-nut backed owlet as well as many types of reptiles such as green pit viper and earless lizard and ample verities of butterflies too.

Mountain Biking Sri Lanka

We offer mountain bikes at Clovefield Villa for guests at a very nominal fee. Currently we are equipped with bikes and tool sets so, you can do your rides by your self at your own pace. We believe Cycling is the ideal way to experience the nature around the Clovefield Villa, as you will be riding through the unpolluted green lanes with so much to stop and see, including Water Streams, Waterfalls, mountains, sceneries, hydro power stations, tea gardens, birds etc. Also this is a great way to experience the local village lifestyles as well. For 3 hours cycling, we only charge $15/pp and you can easily peddle to "Laxapana" and "Aberdeen" Waterfalls which is just 7Km and 11Km away from the Villa respectively.

Waterfall Trekking Sri Lanka

The 126 meter tall Magnificent Laxapana Falls, the 8th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and 98 meter tall Aberdeen falls are located within close proximity to Clovefield Villa. You can easily reach the waterfalls within 20 minutes drive and then trek through the woods for about another 20 minutes to reach the Waterfalls. Bathing in any of the Waterfalls is not recommended as its way too dangerous. If you wish to explore more you can reach the top of the Laxapana waterfall as well.