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Clovefield Villa has a history which spans from 1900. The current House was built on top of a foundation laid in the year 1905. First few years the entire land was filled with fruits, herbs and Cloves. People used to visit the Villa and surrounding looking for traditional medicine since then. 

The clove tree that is currently on the land opposite the Villa has a history of more than 70 years. This land was renowned for producing the largest amount of quality cloves in the area.  Currently it only has a few Clove trees left, but the new management of Clovefield Villa is planning to plant more trees and make it a typical clove field as in the past era along with a tea plantation.

The owner, Anjana is a Software Engineer by profession and has been a professional web designer since 2001. In his profession, Anajana has created many quality websites for villas in Sri Lanka and have contributed his expertise in developing some of the popular Villa management portals. During that period Anjana first envisaged  running his own villa and as a result has now been successful  in bringing you the magnificent experience of Clovefiled Villa. This is the very first villa owned by Anjana and the success of this villa could leads to a chain of villas in Sri Lanka in different locations under the brand name of “Clovefield”.


Clovefied Villa owners, wanted to do this project having the idea that the benefits of their investments should goes to the people in the area.

Therefore the entire construction and operation from A-Z was done by the skilled people who live in the same area. Therefore the benefits of this project have directly gone in to the villages in that area which must have definitely given them some considerable financial stability during the past one and half years.

And in the long run, we are thinking of setting up some kind of fund through the profits we generate to uplift the life styles of the people who shed their sweat towards the building of this small villa and also giving some help to the children of them to spend on their education.